At our RiverValley Behavioral Health, we have dedicated our staff and resources to the development and provision of effective behavioral health programs and interventions.  Because we deal with patients of all ages and cognitive abilities our programs are competent, caring, and responsive to the needs of our patients and their families.

Our processes focus on:

  • Providing a comprehensive and focused assessment of each patient’s needs resulting in a personalized approach to therapeutic treatment
  • Providing a range of care that is responsive to the patient’s needs, and advocates for the most appropriate level of care
  • Providing services led by our team of professionals who treat our patients and their families with dignity and compassion
  • Further development of programs in response to patient needs that emphasize our commitment to the process of continuing quality improvement
  • Fostering a supportive, collaborative work environment that encourages staff members to strive for excellence in all phases of clinical and customer service