Affiliations & Partnerships

CARF Accreditation

RiverValley Behavioral Health is CARF Accredited. Accreditation demonstrates that our organization has opened its service delivery and business processes to outside scrutiny to improve the quality of our programs. This demonstrates to consumers that our organization is committed to providing the best possible quality of care.

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Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Autism

RiverValley Behavioral Health is proud to be affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Autism to provide behavior intervention services with a focus on children affected by autism spectrum disorder. The Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism has been a national leader since 1998, continually doing research to identify causes and advance treatments for autism spectrum disorders.

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RiverValley Behavioral Health in affiliation with Cleveland Clinic Children's Center for Autism.

MHCA Member

RiverValley Behavioral Health is a member of MHCA, Mental Health Corporations of America, an alliance of select organizations that provide behavioral health and/or related services.

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