RVBH receives $2.6M grant for pregnancy services, Gathering Place


This article was originally published by Owensboro Times on Sept. 10, 2023. Click here to view the original post.

RiverValley Behavioral Health announced that they are one of 22 nationwide organizations to receive a $2.6 million grant to use toward recovery for pregnant women and postpartum services for women with substance abuse disorders.

President/CEO Dr. Wanda Figueroa-Peralta said that a 5-year grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration will be used throughout their residential services for women.

RVBH will have a Family Center specializing in parenting, domestic violence education, primary care, behavioral health, trauma-informed care for minors, and other services.

“This is a wraparound model that is going to be piloted nationwide, and I’m so proud that we can sit here with this support from our community at no cost to you — I’m sure that you’re happy about that — and no cost to our community,” Figueroa-Peralta said.

She said that, first and foremost, recovery is not a solitary journey and that RVBH is going to continue to work with clients to ensure they can recover effectively.

Figueroa-Peralta also stated that the organization was also awarded a grant by the Kentucky Department of Behavioral Health’s Division of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities to go towards the opening of the Gathering Place.

The grant will cover two years to establish a pioneer Recovery Community Center.

“This gathering place is more than a traditional recovery center. You will provide a unique and inviting cafe-style setting to create a safe and nurturing place for individuals in recovery,” Figueroa-Peralta said.

There, they will offer an environment for visitors to relax and attend Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, financial literacy, and career guidance classes.

This will work in tandem with different treatment providers from the local shelters and substance abuse providers that will guide the effort to ensure that all participants feel welcome.

“Everyone that goes through any of our treatment facilities will have the opportunity to, when they complete treatment, go to the Gathering Place for the rest of their lives to connect with others and sometimes help others as well because that’s what recovery is all about,” she said.

The grand opening took place on Sept. 27, 2023.

Published on October 2, 2023