RiverValley Behavioral Health Announces 2023 Art Contest Finalists

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, RiverValley Behavioral Health would like to recognize finalists for the 2023 Youth Mental Helth Art Contest. 

RVBH received a record number of art submissions this year at nearly 600 and has seen an increased involvement in the art contest from many of our outlying counties. 

“Each year, we are continually impressed with the talent and thoughtfulness from the youth and young adults in our communities through this art contest, and this year is no different,” said Brooke Arnold, RVBH Regional Prevention Center Director. “It is refreshing to see so many of our schools and community organizations encouraging their students to prioritize their mental health by promoting the ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ art contest, and we are so excited to celebrate their work and artistry in June.”   

Our 2023 Youth Mental Health Art Contest Finalists include the following individuals: 

  • Hattie Danhauer, John Paul II Catholic School 
  • Sutton White, John Paul II Catholic School 
  • Henleigh Parker, Dixon Elementary School 
  • Adele Doyal, Sutton Elementary School 
  • Olivia Clark, John Paul II Catholic School 
  • Athena Johnson, Dixon Elementary School 
  • Gracie Miller, Audubon Elementary School 
  • Marisa McEnroe, Calhoun Elementary School 
  • Adalyn Park, Jefferson Elementary School 
  • Eliza Johns, Sturgis Elementary School 
  • Gilviana Swanagan, Audubon Elementary School 
  • Lilly Dunbar, Providence Elementary School 
  • Anniston Steelman, John Paul II Catholic School 
  • Anna Greenwell, John Paul II Elementary School 
  • Hayden Lehecka, Owensboro Innovation Campus 
  • Lillian Blue, Owensboro Innovation Campus 
  • Lucy Doyal, Owensboro Innovation Campus 
  • Abbigail Massey, McLean County Middle School 
  • Ava Bohnenkamp, Union County High School 
  • Chloe Mayes, Union County High School 
  • Haylea Lehecka, Owensboro Innovation Campus 
  • Maribel Ramirez, Apollo High School 
  • Rachel Greenwell, Union County High School 
  • McKenna Russin, Henderson County High School 
  • Nan Ying, Owensboro High School 
  • Abby Boarman, Owensboro Catholic High School 
  • Paulie Frashure, Apollo High School 
  • Kaliyan Green, Girls Inc. Owensboro 
  • Miranda Blakeman, Owensboro Community & Technical College 
  • Jada Saunders, Brescia University 

This was also the first year that RVBH has accepted communitywide nominations for the Dianne McFarling Memorial Award, which honors an individual, organization, school, business, etc., that has demonstrated a dedication to improving mental health in our communities. This year’s nominees include: 

  • Donna Bumpus, Webster County ASAP Board Member 
  • Nicki Feher, RiverValley Behavioral Health 
  • Jennifer Hamilton, Veterans Association 
  • Owensboro Community & Technical College Choir 
  • Caleb Potter, Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Kentucky 
  • Jenni Smith, Owensboro Health 
  • Sandy Webster, Dream Riders of Kentucky 

“We are incredibly excited for the nearly 600 art entries we received this year and to see the positive messaging youth are sharing with their peers to promote mental health awareness and wellbeing,” said Dr. Wanda Figueroa-Peralta, RVBH President & CEO. “Our organization is also gracious to the many individuals who work tirelessly to improve the mental health of our youth and our communities on a daily basis. We cannot wait to recognize these individuals and their accomplishments next month during our awards ceremony through the Dianne McFarling Memorial Award.” 

Finalists for the 2023 Youth Mental Health Art Contest and the Dianne McFarling Memorial Award will be recognized in our awards ceremony on June 28. Winners will also be announced. 

Published on May 31, 2023