Mental health programs coming to Henderson

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HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) – River Valley Behavioral Health has plans to bring two new programs to Henderson to benefit the mental health of vulnerable groups in the area.

The old Gleaner building is on its way to becoming a resource for the mental health of youth in the area, and that’s not the only change coming to Henderson.

Officials with River Valley Behavioral Health say the new youth drop-in center will provide behavioral health services, support and recovery for substance abuse disorders, help with school, help to get into college, and more.

“We might even be doing things like helping them learn how to change a tire,” said River Valley Behavioral Health Quality and Program Development V.P. Dr. Lionel Phelps.

River Valley says the center will be focused on people aged 16 to 25, which they say is an important time for mental health.

“That’s most of the time period where mental health problems and substance abuse disorders start to develop, and we know that only 50% of people actually reach out for help,” said Phelps.

Henderson may also have a new recovery home for pregnant women and mothers of young children who are overcoming problems with substance abuse. River Valley says it will be a 16-bed facility catering to women coming out of treatment programs.

“The recovery home is going to allow those women to transition into a very therapeutic, home-like environment,” said Phelps.

River Valley says mental health services and recovery options for those struggling with substance abuse can make a big difference to vulnerable groups.

“Individuals who are in recovery are more likely to work, they’re more likely to pursue higher education, they’re more likely to participate in the community, so we’re really adding to the population health by addressing these problems,” said Phelps.

Officials with River Valley Behavioral Health say they plan to have both programs up and running at the start of the summer.

Published on April 28, 2022