Family Intellectual / Developmental

RiverValley takes a team approach to serving our clients by offering case management services to assist parents in receiving the best care possible for their child.

Here are several ways we can help:

HCBS Case Management

HCBS Case Management provides assistance in coordination of support/services to those 65 or older and/or adults and children with physical disabilities, to assist them to live in their community as independently as possible.

Short-Term Autism Treatment and Evaluation Program (STATE)

RiverValley’s STATE program is offered in a separate unit at the RVBH children’s hospital in Owensboro which offers inpatient care for children and adolescents diagnosed with autism. During their stay, clients are provided services based on Applied Behavior Analysis with the goal of assisting patients and families in stabilizing immediate crisis behaviors as well as reducing challenging behaviors that are preventing the child’s ability to safely remain in the community.

Michelle P Waiver Case Management (MPW)

For individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability, regardless of age, the Michele P Waiver provides funding to allow the person to stay in their home with needed support services. MPW Case Managers can assist parents in receiving resources and services that come with the waiver.

Supports for Community Living Case Management (SCL)

RiverValley offers case management services for individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability prior to the age of 22 or for individuals under the age of 18 with intellectual disabilities and an IQ of 70 or below. SCL Case Managers assist clients in developing natural supports in order to live independently and participate in the community.

State General Funds Case Management (SGF)

For adults with an intellectual or developmental disorder, RiverValley offers SGF case management services on an emergency or short term basis. SGF Case Managers assist clients in receiving medical, social, and educational services in order to live independently and participate in the community.