Family Housing / Employment

One of our many goals at RiverValley is to help our clients become productive members in society by working with our community partners to secure housing and employment. For example, we provide supportive employment opportunities by working with a network of nearly 50 local employers who are willing to hire adult clients with unique emotional or intellectual needs.

We also use our case management system to provide specialized housing and residential settings for adults with disabilities, those overcoming addictions, and those with developmental needs.

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Supported Employment

For over twenty years, RiverValley has helped people diagnosed with disabilities find and keep steady employment thanks to our network of community partners.

Strategic Partnerships

The focus of RiverValley’s strategic partnerships is to enable individuals with disabilities to live and be active in their community by developing, practicing, and improving life skills. These supports are provided by a team that tailors the services to the individual’s wants and needs.

Housing and Urban Development Program (HUD)

Independence is a goal for anyone living with a disability, which is why our HUD program offers those living with a severe and persistent mental illness an opportunity to get the support they need to operate as independently as they are able.