Supports for Community Living (SCL) is a program supplying support services to individuals with developmental disabilities/mental retardation so they may remain in the community. Currently, there is an extensive waiting list for these services which are funded by the Kentucky Medicaid Department. Individuals approved for this program may choose from qualified providers across the state. Eligibility and certification for the SCL program is made through the Kentucky Medical Assistance Program while the Division of Mental Retardation maintains the waiting list for the program.

Case Management staff work with an individual to develop natural supports to live independently in the community. A Support Plan is developed based on the choices of the individual and RiverValley case managers monitor services provided by others through a Support Plan.

Personal Care Attendant Program is a state (Kentucky) supported program, designed for adults with a physical disability who need personal care to live independently. Slots in the program become available by increased funding from the state or when program participants leave the program. To qualify, a person must:

  • have at least two (2) nonfunctional limbs
  • is 18 years of age or older
  • has the ability to hire/fire and supervise an attendant
  • meets financial eligibility requirements (set by the state)
  • needs not less than 14 hours of attendant services each week, but not more than 40 hours a week.

Supported Living means providing people with disabilities the individualized help they need to live successfully in a home of their choice. Services include:

  • Supported Living Community Resource Developer - Coordinates and assists a person to develop relationships, opportunities, and networks in the community which might be sustained over time.
  • Homemaker - Helps maintain household cleaning, shopping, laundry, security, cooking etc.
  • Personal Care - Assists with hygiene, fitness, personal appointments, appearance, and attendant care.
  • In-Home Training and Home Management - Teaches and enhances skills of laundry, cooking budgeting, banking etc. 
  • Start-up Grants – one-time expenses: such as security deposit, closing costs, purchase of furniture and items not covered by other sources. 
  • Roommates for Live-In Support or Periodic Assistance - Provides daily or periodic assistance.
  • Transportation – Includes transportation to work and community activities, when other means are not available (would not include the purchase of a vehicle).
  • Home Modifications - Architectural changes, ramps, widening doors, accessibility adaptations etc.
  • Adaptive and Therapeutic Equipment - Provides TTY /TDD modules, communication devices, Medic Alert, fire alarm, canine companion, assistive technology, etc. needed to help the person live in his/her own home.
  • Consultation - Enhances communication or accessibility; assist in resolving difficult or unusual situations. Can include person-centered planning by a trained and independent facilitator.

Respite Care - Short-term respite provides temporary supervision and care for persons with mental retardation and/or developmental disabilities. The service benefits the family, guardian or primary caregiver by allowing them time to meet other needs; spending time with other family members, dealing with emergencies or taking a needed leisure period. The Respite Coordinator is responsible for training, supervision and evaluation of respite services.


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