The following services are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of persons having severe and persistent mental illness residing at home or in community based settings:

Therapeutic Rehabilitation is a skill-building program for community re-integration.  Daily living skills are emphasized in an environment that develops trust, addresses problem behaviors and fosters self-insight and personal disease management.  Pre-vocational skills’ training is a popular segment in this social setting program.

Continuing Care services include individual and group therapy, and psychopharmocology education and treatment with quick interventions by professional staff as needed. 

Case Management professional staff provide advocacy and assist adults in making community contacts to receive an array of community support.  Emphasis is placed on maintaining independent living status.

Personal Care Home Program service provides evaluation, treatment and re-socialization to clients who live in personal care homes with the goal of maintaining functional levels needed for independent living and preventing re-hospitalization.

Supportive Housing provides accommodative and affordable housing to low-­income persons. There is no in-house treatment component but staff intervenes as needed.

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